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Who owns TikTok? What Do We Know About the CEO?

TikTok application was developed and launched by the startup Bytedance, located in the South Asia region, China.

Its founder is Zhang Yiming, a young 36-year-old entrepreneur.

The initial direction was to work with artificial intelligence, the products produced were intended for the Chinese market.

This outstanding project was launched in 2012.

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What is TikTok?

Today we will share with You all about the social network, which is insanely popular among young people and not only.

In fact, it is the quintessence of Vine, Instagram Stories, Snapchat and other services focused on the short movies format posting and sharing.

Talking about the TikTok there is a possibility to post small vertical movies with about 15 seconds length and as other users’ reaction get millions of views.

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Tiktok Shadow Ban in 2021

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TikTok is a unique possibility for everyone who wants to become famous and make money. Short funny clips showing dance, lip-sync, pranks and other interesting things are watched by millions of people from all around the world. The one who are watched the most become celebrities and gain money. In attempt to become followed, the owners of TikTok accounts use different ways of getting fame. Some methods aren’t good and act in reverse, giving bad results. This is called shadow ban on TikTok. Accounts that ended up under it don’t get as many views and likes as usually.

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TikTok Challenges in 2020

Nowadays social networks are used not only as communication platforms. Various news feeds and trends could become viral and using that you can get the opportunity to significantly increase the audience on your profile. There are many things on the Internet that will benefit you. Let’s talk about TikTok flashmobs and challenges. We will try to explain you how to find the right one, launch your own and what advantages you will get from it for promotion your account.

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10 Most Popular TikTokers

Nowadays every teenager knows everything about successful Tiktokers. Moreover, many of youngsters are inspired by them to join Tiktok community and start making good stuff. People always wondering how bloggers reached all of they got using only their phones and cameras. Just think most of well-known Tiktokers are under 20 years old and each of them has a multi-million army of loyal fans. Here we will try to go backstage on top 10 Tiktokers of the world.

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What actually TikTok is?

TikTok is a Chinese (ByteDance dev.) app where users can create and post short movies of up to 15 seconds, adding music, various effects, and hashtags to them. It is also possible to merge several short videos into a single story with a duration of up to 60 seconds.

First time Tik-Tok entered the smartphone users’ life in 2016.

The original name of TikTok was Douyin.
In fact, the TikTok app doesn’t look much like a classic social media provider like Facebook.

Tik-Tok is more a platform, better say workshop for creating and consuming content.

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