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Dear Customers, thank you for choosing TikTok followers we appriciate your business. Our services are provided byΒ _. Tiktok followers has all the rights and authorities to make changes and modifications upon this a grime team at any given moment of time. Latest versions of the agreement can be found in a spicialy selected segment of this website. By using this website you are accepting all of the Terms Of Services.


Data Collection

We collect and store some of user information for several purposes to improve our service and provide a better user experience.


Refund Policy

Our company offers digital irrevocable (non-refundable) goods and services. There for, customers must consider this fact and take full responsibilities upon their purchases off our goods and services.


Delivery and eligible refunds

Tik tok followers provides an instant delivery of all goods and services in most cases. However, the delivery time for all the products is 7 days. In case, your purchased goods or services, weren’t delivered. For any problems considering any orders you may contact our 24/7 support team.


User information

We are collecting and store information you are providing to us for the fulfillment of orders. We may use this information to promote our new products upcoming events e.t.c. To you.



We are not affiliated with Tik Tok. Tik tok logo and any other marks are registrated trademarks of their owners.


Social Media Accounts

Tik tok followers is not responsible for any damage to any videos, social media accounts and/or any other information after the order is delivered. Notice, that you are using our service at your own risk



Tiktokfollowers has the right to make corrections to any errors found on its site without prior notice. Although we take pride in our accuracy there may be rare occasions when an error could occur and, in this case, corrections must take place without any delays.