Who has the most followers on tiktok

Who has the most followers on tiktok

TikTok is that social media platform that can make you famous overnight. Short video with funny and cool content become viral and are watched by millions of people. There are those who already achieved this goal and are now the most followed on TikTok. Comedy skits, dance, songs and jokes are demanded by the audience and watched in one breath. 

Members of TikTok are different people who want and who can shoot short clips with interest content. Social media platform is especially popular among teenagers. The one who gained the most fans become mega-celebrity. Video are downloaded and replayed over and over again. TikTok continues gaining influence among other platforms every day. The rating includes users, celebrities and companies who got accounts and run them so that the online community is inspired to watch, comment, like and repost. 

Note: The ranking represents the reality on May 8, 2020

TOP 50 most followed celebrities on TikTok

50. Faizal Siddiqui β€” 13.3 million followers

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The Instagram and TikTik influencer is very popular in India. The video are related to his life, biography and girlfriend. The account was made in 2018. He gained popularity with his cool and fun video that make people laugh and enjoy watching him. Faizal Siddiqui may be recognized by his hairstyle that attracts with the originality of color or form.

49. Sarah Magusara β€” 13.4 million followers

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Charming girl 18 years old from Australia is beautiful, talented and watched by a great amount of fans. She also has accounts on Instagram and Youtube. On TikTok you can see lip-sync video, dance and funny clips with Sarah Magusara. She is popular because she is funny, beautiful and always posts interesting clips. 

48. Kody Antle β€” 13.6 million followers

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Kody Antle is the young man that always lived among wild creatures, such as tiger, monkeys, elephants. He says that animals are part of his family. On TikTok you can see many videos with him and his tamed animal. His channel suits to those who love nature and especially tigers. His father owns a wildlife park, so most of the clips are from there. Kody Andy is unique and this made him popular. 

47. Salice Rose β€” 13.6 million followers

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Salice Rose is Peruvian descent, and she takes a lot of funny video that get you in a good mood every single day. Her clips are very cool and interesting. She dance, sing, jokes and make people smile. This is why her account is so popular.

46 Jackie β€” 13.6 million followers

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Jacqueline Fernandez is an Indian actress and model who is very popular on TikTok. She dances, sings, plays piano and always radiates positive. Her TikTok account is well-known by the one who like Indian movies and songs.

45. The Card Guy β€” 13.7 million followers

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Evan The Card Guy is very popular on TikTok due to the fact that he is a magician, and he knows a lot of card tricks. He shows them within his clips and gets a lot of appreciation. Charismatic young man performs magical tricks for his family members and all clips are very funny. 

44. Nagma Mirajkar β€” 13.2 million followers


Another star of TikTok that is the author of rather interesting videos. She has videos with her cat and other cool and funny clips. Choreography made her popular on the social media platform. Nagma Mirajkar also sings and does lip-sync over different musical compositions. 

43. Manjul Khattar β€” 13.8 million followers

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Social media star that became famous due to the TikTok videos. He is a model and an actor from India who makes video in which he sings. Songs make the better part of the content on his account, the other part are challenges or just interesting clips from his day life. 

42. Sky & Tami β€” 14.1 million followers

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An account that was made by two persons who form a couple. They show some funny moments of their life, play pranks and do different interesting things. Sky & Tami become popular because they are funny and have a well-developed sense of humor.

41. codys girlfriend β€” 14.7 million followers


Zoe Laverne and her boyfriend Cody Orlove make video together. The clips are about relationship, challenges and pranks. Codys girlfriend has a lot of makeup tutorials, and she is really good on making fun and cool videos.

40. The Hype House β€” 15.2 million followers

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The Hype House is a collective of boys and girls that make funny content for TikTok platform. They all live together in Los Angeles and release entertainment videos. The large variety of videos associates with the talent of 21 members of the team.

39. Aashika Bhatia β€” 15.5 million followers

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Indian actress that has an account on TikTok and post there clips where she sings, dance or show different scene. Beautiful young star is beautiful and has talent, so there are a lot of people who watch her performances.

38. jordi.koalitic β€” 15.5 million followers

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Talented photographer that shows through the photo how beautiful can be live. He makes video that demonstrate the art of photography. jordi.koalitic account on TikTok is watched by the one who look for creative ideas and appreciate wonderful things.

37. Joey Klaasen β€” 16.1 million followers

Young men from Indiana, makes comic content and shows creativity in many ways. He plays basketball, shows athletic performance and trick shot. It is talented, spirited and positive, so fans love him. 

36. Neha Kakkar β€” 16.4 million followers

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One of the top Indian singers that became social media star right away since the moment when begin to post video on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram. The success is connected to her rock star career. She sings, dances and posts short clips from her daily life. 

35. Holly H β€” 16.6 million followers

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TikTok star is one of the most famous social media personalities from Great Britain. Before TikTok she was known on Vine, where she demonstrated the talent of doing comic videos. The popularity is associated to her lip sync that impresses fans from all around the world.

34. Mackenzie Ziegler β€” 16.7 million followers

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Mackenzie Ziegler is a young actress, model, singer and dancer. Her clips are full of talent and show how funny some situations. The one who watch the posted video may enjoy every single minute and have fun. This is why the account is so popular.

33. Joe β€” 17 million followers

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Baseball player became famous because of his funny videos, pranks and jokes that he makes preferably at home. Joe often does his sister part of his videos. The two of one have fun and share this with fans. 

32. Josh Richards β€” 17.2 million followers


Canadian social media star that and singer that become famous due his performances. He sings, jokes and makes fun video with his friends. There is a secondary account with the username uhhhjosh.

31. Daniellecohn β€” 17.5 million followers

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Well-known personality that tested talent on Musica.ly. Danielle Cohn creates music now, and she is popular on social media. Her account on TikTok contains videos where she dances, sings or only has fun. 

30. Jason Derulo β€” 18 million followers

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American star that became popular with his career in music. He writes songs, sings and even dance. His account on TikTok represents him as already known personality. On his account he posts funny and interesting clips.

29. Coffee Family β€” 18.4 million followers

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Jason Coffee and his family shoot comic video that make the audience laugh and watch video more and more. Dad, son and daughter appear in different situations and have fun. 

28. avani β€” 18.6 million followers

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Avani Gregg is a gymnast to give up the career after an injury at the back. She become popular after posting a lot of comedy and dance video. Also, there are clips with different challenges and lifestyle story. 

27. lauren godwin β€” 19.1 million followers

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TikTok star that got popularity with comedy clips that often are goofy. She posts clips that are inspired from routine and have the goal to make people laugh. Lauren Godwin has also challenge and pranks video. In a part of videos she appears together with her boyfriend. 

26. Michael Le β€” 19.2 million followers

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Choreographer, photographer and dancer who chose to share videos with fans. He dances alone or with some friends. Find out more about dancers life and see interesting dance performance. Michael Le gain popularity with his creativity and originality. 

25. Chase Hudson β€” 19.5 million followers

Social media personality who become famous on TikTok with his lip syncing on known songs. Now he is a part of The Hype House community with other TikTok stars. His videos have entertainment character. Now is one of the most followed content makers.

24. cznburak β€” 19.9 million followers

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Burak Γ–zdemir is a chief-cooker from Turkey, Istanbul. He is well-known on TikTok because he posts interesting clip, showing the technique of preparation. cznburak makes an art from cooking. Confidence, smile and the talent of cooking make him successful and followed on social media platform. 

23. garimachaurasia996 β€” 20 million followers

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Girl from India who shows funny video single or with her sisters and other members of the family. She is beautiful, charismatic and energetic. That is why people like her. 

22. JoJo Siwa β€” 20.9 million followers

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Media personality with many talents. Jojo Siwa sings, dances and had different movie roles . On TikTok she posts funny video where she dances. There also are scenes from the daily live. 

21. jiffpom β€” 20.9 million followers

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Lovely puppy became the most popular animal on social media and in the world too. He does a lot of things that make people laugh and be in a good mood. Jiffpom plays with toys, runs on two paws and is very lovely even when he sleeps.

20. Avneet Kaur β€” 21.2 million followers

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Dancer and actress show frames from the daily life and different performance. She became famous due to the career of artist. Now fans watch her on TikTok because already know her.

19. JAY CROES β€” 22.1 million followers

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Popular TikTok star for the great amount of comedy video that he launches. He has a brother with who also makes clips from another account named CroesBros. He plays the ape, sings, dances and have fun, sharing videos with fans.

18. Sameeksha β€” 22.5 million followers

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Young lady that is actress and model posts comedy and lip syncing video. She is talented and really matches to the role of a comic. Sameeksha has her own style, a strong personality and is very original. 

17. Lucas and Marcus β€” 22.6 million followers

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Two brothers that make a duo as dancers team and make different video about their talent. The success is connected with the great variety of skits, challenges and pranks they do and share with fans. On TikTok also are videos that include gymnastics and comic situations. 

16. Will Smith β€” 22.8 million followers

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The popular actor joined TikTok in 2019. His fans followed the account and now it is in TOP 20 most popular on TikTok. Will Smith is funny and is awkward to see him in small clips instead movies. He dances, has fun and fans can see it online.

15. TikTok_India β€” 22.9 million followers

TikTok is the most popular app in India, so many people choose the platform to become famous. One of accounts is TikTok_India. People can watch different videos that show how cans each second count. 

14. Stokes Twins β€” 22.9 million followers

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Two brothers twins that make videos on TikTok. They are from USA, but half Chinese. They sing, dance, love dogs, sports and act on TV. Account of TikTok shows comedy sketches from their life.  Stokes Twins appear by their own but also with their friends. 

13. Dixie D’Amelio β€” 23.2 million followers

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Charli D’Amelio sister has fun and share these moments with her fans. She dances, does lip sync, jokes and makes comedy content. She is followed on TikTok because she has a famous sister and also due to her comic and interesting video. In mostly clips he appears with her boyfriend.

12. Jacob Sartorius β€” 23.4 million followers

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Singer from USA who also become social media personality. He posts video where he is lip syncing or is doing different ridiculous and funny things. Jacob Sartorious makes pranks and jokes.He famous due to his songs and because he makes fun of anyone and anywhere. 

11. Kristen Hancher β€” 23.9 million followers

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Dance star and beauty that came popular online because of his videos. Kristen began his activity on YouKnow but soon left the platform for other more popular. Many people associate her with Kylie Jenner with one she is very similar. She wears wig and seems so different each time. Popularity is associated with her attractiveness and physical appeal. 

10. flighthouse β€” 24.6 million followers 


Comic scenes and laughs that it is all about flighthouse. It is called the modern variation of MTV. They share different popular songs and got millions of fans. TikTok account shows different interesting situations. It is all about music and fun. 

9. Awez Darbar β€” 24.7 million followers


Indian TikTok influencer who become popular on TikTok. He shares interesting videos that show different comic situations or daily life scenes. His girlfriend is also a TikTok star. The recognition comes from the habit of publishing video with Bollywood actors.

8. Arishfa Khan β€” 26.1 million followers

Indian actress and model that got popular on TikTok. She posts scenes where she dances or has fun. Some of the clips demonstrate her talent as an actress. Arishfa Khan is well-known in India and in the world since her first appearance in movies. 

7. GIL CROES β€” 26.8 million followers


One of the brothers Croes that post on TikTok funny videos where he dances and have fun. His comedy clips make people laugh and that’s for he become popular. Comedy sketch that is all about Gil Croes and what characterizes him. Gilmher has a developed sense of humor and that is what people watch him. In clips appear by his own or with family and friends. 

6. Spencer X β€” 29.1 million followers

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Spencer Matthews is a well-known creator on TikTok. He is a beat boxer and the most part of his videos are accompanied this way. Spencer X produces different comic sketches and tracks. Unique sound, originality and talent made him popular in the online space. Young beat boxer collaborated with different stars and become even more popular. 

5. Riyaz β€” 38.1 million followers

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Riyaz Ali is a TikTok star, vlogger, influencer and fashion star. He is creative and often collaborates with other TikTok celebrities. His popularity is due to the lip sync that he is doing very well. Riyaz always looks amazing and trendy, also has an original hairstyle.

4. BabyAriel β€” 32.8 million followers

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Singer, actress and social media personality that became famous with the lip syncing video, comic sketches and her career as an actress. Ariel Martin is known on social media as BabyAriel. Her video are full of good mood and dancing. People like her because she is fun and amazing. 

3. addison rae β€” 39.1 million followers

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One of the great stars on TikTok. She dances a lot and that made it famous. Nowadays she is also a collaborative of The Hype House. TikTok posts signed by Addison Rae show how she is dancing. There are also funny sketches with family or at home. TikTok star often meets celebrities and makes video with them.

2. Loren Gray β€” 43.1 million followers

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Popular singer and known social media personality. Loren Gray collaborated with different stars such as Taylor Swift and others. Her career as singer made her popular. She achieved fans that love music and appreciate her talent. In the TikTok clips she sings in the most of the cases. Loren has 6 singles since 2018 and 2019. In the most part of clips she appears alone, sometimes with friends and her dog. 

1. charli d’amelio β€” 54.4 million followers

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The leader of TikTok leader on May 2020. Charli has a sister named Dixie and those often make duo videos. She dances, makes faces and plays with her dog. Charisma, talent and charm made it popular. Original content, choreography and lip sync is what fans like at her. Earlier Charli dated Chase Hudson. Collaboration with another TikTok stars and membership with The Hype House show what developed personality she is. Charli D’Amelio got popularity in a short time. Her TikTok account was created in June 2019. As a dancer she collaborated with singers such as Tony Lopez and other. Charli not only dances breathtaking but also makes fun of it and fans love it. 

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